Animal happiness

A world of affection
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Responsible adoption

Responsible adoption

Tips for choosing the right pet

Adopting a pet is a major commitment that requires thought and preparation. It’s essential to take into account your lifestyle, habits and availability. In this way, you can offer your new four-legged friend a suitable home.

Adopting a pet is a decision that needs to be taken seriously and responsibly. Choose an animal that you enjoy, that matches your environment and your ability to meet its needs.

Animal education

Essentials for raising
a pet

Pet training includes housebreaking and respecting the rules of the house. This may include obedience or socialisation classes.

Your pet deserves its own space, where it can feel safe and rest.

Ensuring a safe and comfortable home

Choose a quality food suited to your dog's age, breed and activity level.

Provide a suitable diet

Regular grooming strengthens the relationship between you and your four-legged friend.

Provide regular grooming

Veterinary care

Plan regular visits to the vet

Veterinarians detect early health problems, offer appropriate treatment and provide nutritional and behavioural advice. Regular visits ensure your pet’s health and well-being.

Animal friendship

Happy, healthy animals

A solid friendship is based on trust, communication and love. Playing with it, stroking it and providing it with stimulating toys all contribute to its emotional and physical well-being.


Dogs are known for their ability to form strong bonds with humans and for their great intelligence.


Cats are prized for their grace, elegance and independence. They can be very affectionate and close to their owners.


Fish are pets that require little direct interaction, but their environment must be carefully maintained.


Hamsters are small nocturnal animals that can be perfect companions for those with less space.


Ideas for games and activities to entertain your pets

It’s important to stimulate your pet mentally and physically. That way, you can avoid boredom and destructive behaviour. Smart games, interactive toys and agility courses provide the exercise and stimulation your pet needs.
These games are also a way of strengthening your relationship and maintaining their physical and mental health. For dogs, you can organise games of Frisbee or walks in the parks.

Animal welfare

Investing in a healthier future
for your pets

Essential vaccines

Essential vaccines

Common vaccines for dogs include those against rabies, leptospirosis and parvovirosis. For cats, vaccines against rabies, calicivirus and infectious feline rhinotracheitis.

Essential sterilisation

Essential sterilisation

Sterilisation is beneficial to your pet’s health. It can prevent certain diseases, reduce aggressive behaviour and avoid unwanted litters.